Friday, February 17, 2012

You guys do realize that the target you sent me to scare was away on vacation for all this time, right? I got here the 12th and I’ve not been able to do much to the target directly… the target was not actually here…….

I did however break into his house and move all his furniture around, just to mess with him. The day after that I got hungry and broke into his house to raid his fridge. The day after that it started raining, so I took shelter in the guy’s garage, waiting for him to show up….. Ten minutes after I took shelter in his garage the temperature dropped, so I broke into his house again and stayed there until today. Sadly the guy (Garret Meijer, according to his electric bill) returned today, and I was forced to jump out a window to avoid being spotted.

….so Thia, how’s your mission going?