Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Report

Because Ao keeps forwarding me emails from angry high ranking people demanding updates:

Ao is…somewhere, Skoll is at the Mansion, Ire is probably still in jail as I have not yet done the paperwork to free him, and Coyote is almost finished with his mission. He’s also not speaking to me. Apparently, he’s still pissed about me tackling him off his target’s roof on April first. He can be surprisingly petty at times.

As for me, I have been living on the streets…all by myself…in the rain…because Ao kicked me out of the Mansion for the duration of April. I didn’t even do anything that bad this year.

While I’m out here, I might as well do something useful. I’ve tracked down a small group of Runners, and I plan to eliminate them this evening.

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