Wednesday, December 21, 2011


You’re really gonna leave this shit to me? Am I really the only fucking one who knows what’s going on here?

Really? Fuck. Fine.

This group. Some higher ups thought it would be a great idea to throw a bunch of screw-ups and misfits together, just to see what happens.

I am here for a lot of reasons. Mostly ‘cus of procrastination.

Ao is here ‘cus her last group got killed off under mysterious circumstances. Skoll is here 'cus Skoll follows Ao wherever she goes, for some reason.

Thia is here ‘cus she needs to be knocked down a fucking peg or twenty.

Coyote probably got thrown in with us as an afterthought.

This blog. I don’t fucking know. Cause some terror and chaos and then post here, I guess.

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