Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I will reach the safe house in two days time.

I trust that you have completed your tasks by now, Thia.

Skoll, do not make me come after you. Go back to our assigned meeting place.

Ire, stop procrastinating. When you do find Coyote and return to the safe house, I need you to fix my laptop. There is something wrong with its battery. If you can be bothered to fix it I may be persuaded to lighten your punishment.


  1. Of course I have, m’lady. The Safe House is up and running. Everything you asked for is installed.

  2. Good.

    How well defended is the Safe House?

  3. Well, I am sitting up in the little “tower” waiting to pick off any trespassers, but beyond that there‘s no defenses.

    Would you like me to set up some traps?

  4. No need. Just keep your eyes open.

  5. You broke the fucker /again?/ I honestly have no fucking clue what you do to that poor computer to wreck its batter so often. Whatever, I’ll fix it.


  6. I did nothing to it. It merely stopped functioning properly for no foreseeable reason.

  7. Replies
    1. Yeah, Ao isn’t so great with technology.....