Saturday, February 25, 2012

I got a letter.

From a certain Ferret.

And it’s addressed to Ire.

Ahem: Dearest Ire, (*gag*)

I just happened to stumbled across a peculiar assignment today, and I believe you would be perfectly suited for it.

This assignment involves a certain someone with whom you are not amicable with (well that really narrows it down), so there is some incentive in that. You remember [REDACTED], I presume?

The assignment itself is pretty straight forward; all you would need to do is [REDACTED]…[REDACTED]…[REDACTED].
It would be “like shooting fish in a barrel,” or however the saying goes. (*eye roll*)

If you could please [REDACTED]…
for me, I would be eternally grateful. You would also be rewarded, of course, though I believe the work would be its own reward in this case, hmm?

If you do decide to accept the assignment, please email me at [REDACTED] for more details.

[REDACTED/(The Ferrety Bastard)]

PS: Send Caeruleus my greetings.


  1. Replies
    1. If I thought we could get away with it...

      Ire, as you’re not doing anything of import at the moment, and this letter isn’t a direct order, you may do as you wish.

  2. Not fucking helpful. You censored like three fourths of the letter.

    Normally I would have told him to go fuck himself, but… I want this assignment. Are you sure you’re okay with this, boss?

    1. Piss off; I emailed the uncensored version to you.
      Wait a sec. You can do math?!

      I sense a public answer will not be forthcoming. How’d she take it?

    2. Bitch.

      She seems okay with it. She threw a table off the second floor balcony, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with me.

    3. It was infested with termites. Both of you should spend less time online and more time focused on your respective assignments.