Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Introductions: Thia

I may as well do something remotely productive while I wait around for the rest of you procrastinators.

I do not know why Father has grouped me in with such swine such as you, Ire. With my skills and experience I should be the leader of my own group. But nooo. Here I am, stuck taking orders from someone else. Not that I object to being under the command of someone as adapt as Miss Ao, mind you.

But at the very least I should be paired with someone as talented as I am, not be thrown in with newbies and hotheaded ingrates whose IQs are in the double digits. I am an elite. I do not understand why I was placed here.
At least we have someone like Ao leading us. How did you become team leader anyway, Ao? You are elite as well, if I recall correctly. Seems like a demotion.

I seem to have strayed off topic.

I am Thia. I came into Father’s service willingly after witnessing an awesome display of His power against a pair of sniveling Runners, who just happened to be harassing me at the time. Some call it a happy coincidence, I call it Fate. As cliché as it sounds, as soon as He made me one of His, I knew there was nothing else in the world I’d rather be.

And I serve Him well. I have been in His service for three years, and during that time, I have successfully completed every mission I was ever sent on. I excelled and rose up the “ranks” fairly quickly. I am an expert markswoman, especially with rifles. Before Father found me, I was a sniper. I love my three rifles (Barrett M95, Barrett M98B, Ruger M77) more than anything and anyone else in the world, except for Father. I have also perfected the art of concealing my identity.


  1. How humble, oh Master of Disguise. “Elite?” Gotta laugh outta that one. If you were still “elite,” then why the hell would you be here? You were obviously stripped of whatever rank you had. And it’s not that hard to see why.

    And I’d also like to know how you got put in this position Ao. Reassigned to a new team and stuck training a newbie. Didn’t you have another team? Did you kill them off?

  2. You know what’s a good idea? Pissing off the woman in the sniper tower who’s just waiting for you to get close enough for a head shot. Yes, that is a splendid idea.

    The above is sarcasm, thought I would clarify incase you’re too dense to realize it.

  3. Ire, you seem to have more knowledge of this group than you should have. Since you are so knowledgeable, explain the purpose of this group and the reasons we were all assigned to it.

  4. In regard to your questions, yes. My old group was full people who irritated me, so I killed them. I was reprimanded and demoted to your leader as a result.

  5. *chuckles* That was one hell of a dark joke m'lady.

  6. -facepalms- If I had a dollar for every time I've heard elitist words like "swine" "ingrates" and "fools", I would be rich.

    ..as I am not, I'll just laugh and keep reading.

    1. As fun as it is to make fun of Thia’s vocabulary......can you lay off until Ire gets back? With Ire gone, she takes her anger out on me.

    2. Wasn't trying to be a bitch, just snickering to myself over the way of speaking. I'll lay off, though. <3

    3. Thanks. :) :)
      And it wouldn’t really matter if you were trying to be snide or not. She’s kind of.....uh....touchy, about everything.

    4. Understatement of the year.